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Probate and Estate Administration

When someone dies, either with or without a Will, their personal representatives will need to administer the estate. This involves carrying out all necessary legal, administrative and tax requirements including valuing the estate, applying for a Grant, collecting the assets, settling the liabilities and distributing the estate to the beneficiaries.

Our specialist solicitors are experienced and can advise on all aspects of Probate and Estate Administration, from help completing forms to obtain a Grant, or taking on whole responsibility for administering the estate.

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What is Probate and Estate Administration?

If you have been appointed as an executor in a Will or you are the next of kin of someone who has passed away, you may have been told you need “Probate” or a “Grant”.

Probate is the term generally used for dealing with the affairs of someone who has died whether there is a Will or not.

Probate Estate Administration is all of the legal, tax and administrative steps that must be taken to ensure that the deceased’s estate is administered properly, including applying to the Probate Court for a Grant.

Who can apply for Probate?

When someone dies leaving a Will then the executors appointed in the Will are responsible for administering the estate.

If someone dies without leaving a Will, they are “intestate” and the Rules of Intestacy determine which surviving relative can be the administrator. Administering an intestate estate can be a little more complicated.

Whether it is an executor or an administrator dealing with the estate, they are generally called the personal representatives.

Do you have more questions about Probate and Estate Administration? Visit our FAQ Section.

How much do Probate and Estate planning services cost?

We offer a fixed fee service that provides peace of mind from the outset, although the exact cost depends upon the circumstances of each individual estate.

How can NewLaw help you?

Our team of lawyers will guide you through the whole process quickly, cost effectively and sympathetically. Whether it is general advice you need, practical help with the next steps after a death, help with completing forms to obtain the Grant, or you would like us to take on the whole responsibility for administering the estate, we are able to help you throughout this process.

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