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A Personal Injury Trust will provide you with essential protection for your compensation monies. It is important that you take advice on setting up a Personal Injury Trust to protect your compensation award.

our specialist solicitors are experienced and can advise on all aspects Personal Injury Trusts, guiding you through all of the options to make the right decision for your circumstances.

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When should you consider setting up a Personal Injury Trust?

If you have made a claim for a personal injury and you are expecting to receive compensation in relation to that claim, you should immediately seek advice on setting up a personal injury trust.

Why should you consider setting up a Personal Injury Trust?

A personal injury trust will protect your entitlement to any means tested benefits that you are receiving or may be entitled to receive in the future, which may include long term care costs.

Alternatively, you may be thinking of using your compensation to pay off part or all of your mortgage, or use it to buy a property. It is important to take advice before doing this as it could impact your benefits if you do not do this through a Personal Injury Trust.

Do you have more questions about Personal Injury Trusts? Visit our FAQ Section.

How can NewLaw help you?

Our experienced Personal Injury Trust team can assist and guide you through the process of setting up a Personal Injury Trust, ensuring full peace of mind that your entitlement is protected.

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