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Carbon monoxide is highly dangerous as it is odourless, colourless and tasteless. It can cause many short term and long term symptoms and in extreme cases, fatalities. Every employer, landlord and business owners have a duty of care to protect you from Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

Our expert team of solicitors are here to help you get back to health as quickly as possible, whilst getting you the compensation you deserve.

NewLaw has a team of personal injury specialists who are dedicated to getting the best results for their clients following Carbon Monoxide Poisoning.

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What is Carbon Monoxide Poisoning?

Carbon monoxide is often referred to as the ‘silent killer’ as it is so difficult to detect. Exposure can occur at home or in the workplace due to incorrectly installed, poorly maintained or poorly ventilated appliances such as cookers, heaters and central heating boilers.

After breathing in carbon monoxide, it enters your bloodstream and mixes with haemoglobin (the part of red blood cells that carry oxygen around your body). Symptoms from carbon monoxide poisoning can vary from headaches and nausea to death in more serious cases.

Do you have more questions about claiming for Carbon Monoxide Poisoning? Visit our FAQ Section.

How can NewLaw help you?

NewLaw has a team of over 350 personal injury claims specialists, who are dedicated to getting the best results for their clients following carbon monoxide poisoning.

Our personal injury solicitors are experts in helping you through either UK or foreign legal systems to get the compensation you are entitled to. Our aim is always to ensure that you are properly compensated, not just for injury but for the other losses and expenses that can arise as a result.

Your quality of life and helping with your rehabilitation is really important to us too. Therefore by letting us arrange for early treatment and proper medical assistance, you can focus on getting better whilst we concentrate on your claim.

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