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Sepsis is commonly known as blood poisoning and sometimes referred to as septicaemia. It can be caused by a number of bacterial or viral infections and if left untreated can be life threatening.

Sadly, there are still failings by medical professionals in detecting sepsis early. We handle many clinical negligence cases concerning the delay in diagnosis or failure to diagnose.

NewLaw has a team of specialists who are dedicated to getting the best results for their clients in Sepsis claims.

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What are the causes of Sepsis?

Any infection whether bacterial or viral can result in Sepsis. Typical or common sources that can cause Sepsis are:

  • urine infections;
  • appendicitis (infection in your appendix);
  • pneumonia (infection in the lungs);
  • peritonitis (infection in the stomach tissues/peritoneum);
  • cellulitis (skin infection);
  • meningitis (brain infection);
  • encephalitis (brain infection);
  • endocarditis (infection of the heart);
  • osteomyelitis (bone infection).

Failing to diagnose or a delay in diagnosis for Sepsis can leave a loved one with long term complications or even cause death.

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How can NewLaw help you?

If there is a failure to diagnose and treat sepsis or even a delay in diagnosis and treatment, then you may be entitled to compensation. Our team of medical negligence solicitors are experts in bringing justice in cases of this nature and will help you understand the complex claims process involved. With years of experience and the ability to work with you sensitively, NewLaw’s medical negligence team is on hand and will be there for you every step of the way.

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