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Dental Negligence Claims

It can be quite daunting visiting the dentist for some, but luckily most dental work is fairly routine and undertaken without any problems. However if the wrong teeth are extracted or the wrong treatment is undertaken, it can have a permanent effect on the dental patient.

Our main aim is to ensure that you are provided with the support and help you need to get the care, treatment and financial assistance you deserve.

NewLaw has a team of specialists who are dedicated to getting the best results for their clients in dental negligence claims.

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What are Dental Negligence Claims?

Every dental professional has a duty of care and the NHS and some private dental practices provide some of the best dental care in England and Wales. Unfortunately, sometimes things can go wrong and people are unsure where to turn to get the problem fixed.

Types of dental negligence claims can include:

  • problem with fillings;
  • root canal issues;
  • extracting the wrong tooth or teeth;
  • poor work on crowns;
  • misdiagnosis on gum disease;
  • prescribing the wrong medicine;
  • chipping or breaking a tooth.

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How can NewLaw help you?

Our specialist dental negligence team at NewLaw Solicitors has significant experience in bringing such claims, particularly for clients who have had a tooth removed as a result of an avoidable mistake on the part of their dentist. This can be from having a tooth extracted in error or failing to treat an infected tooth resulting in its avoidable extraction. Thankfully there are treatment options to replace the tooth and to restore the cosmetic look of the mouth.

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