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We aim to provide excellent candidate experience throughout our recruitment process. In order to do this, we strive to attract the best candidates through a range of direct sourcing methods, and always give direct candidates priority. 

On occasion, we do require support from specialist recruitment agencies, who are on our preferred suppliers list (PSL). We develop strong working relationships with our chosen agencies. We work in collaboration with them, to ensure that we provide the same level of candidate experience that our direct applicants receive. 

NewLaw does not accept unsolicited or speculative candidate details from any supplier. We reserve the right to keep unsolicited candidate details on our own database, with no obligation to the agency concerned. Unsolicited approaches will affect our decision to consider your interest in working with us in the future. We are not currently reviewing our recruitment suppliers, and are not currently considering adding any new agencies to our PSL.

Please feel free to check back here for future openings.

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