Benefits of Partnering with NewLaw

Our ABS proposal is designed to enable businesses, charities, and membership organisations of all types to offer their customers a personal legal service as an integrated element of their own branded product offering.

Our proposition is designed to provide an improved and customer focussed solution to the provision of legal services, whilst at the same time either preserving our partners’ existing revenue streams or creating new ones.

The NewLaw model will enable you to offer professional legal services to your customers as an integral part of your product offering; providing you the following benefits:

  • preserving or creating new income streams from legal services 
  • recognising income from day one
  • improving retention ratios through added value and customer satisfaction
  • a fully integrated, branded legal service for your customers
  • no referral fee or transparency issues
  • brand enhancement across all products
  • access to a fully functioning law firm without the set up costs, income lag (usually 24 months in PI practices) or recruitment issues that will face start up entrants to the legal services market
  • all processing, management and compliance matters, including obtaining regulatory approval, are performed by NewLaw as part of the establishment and running of the ABS

Customer Journey  
Whilst the financial element of an ABS proposal is of course important, customer satisfaction and retention are also fundamental priorities. The NewLaw ABS solution provides an excellent opportunity to exceed your customers’ expectations in terms of customer journey and service delivery.

Please complete this form, email Darren or call on 0333 003 0577 to discuss our ABS opportunities in greater detail and to become a business partner.

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