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Vibration Injury

Being exposed to vibration can risk damage being done to nerves, blood vessels and joints of the hand, wrist and arm. Particularly if you work regularly with hand held power tools, or other vibration equipment for more than a few hours each day.

At NewLaw we understand and have many years of experience in dealing with claims for Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome, or Vibration White Finger as it is more commonly referred to. It is an industrial injury that is triggered by the use of, or being exposed to vibration. The results can be damaging and lead to sufferers needing long term care and treatment. It can often result in the need to find alternative employment, which can cause hardship, anxiety and frustration, to say the least.  

Our experienced solicitors handle each case individually, with care and compassion, and understand the problems that can be linked to symptoms caused by vibration damage. As well as helping with your claim, we can also assist with medical support and treatment if necessary, and use the services of our colleagues, such as our Welfare Managers in providing advice on welfare and benefits.

Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS)
Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) is the collective name for injuries to blood vessels, nerves and muscles caused by hand transmitted vibration. Typical symptoms can include:

  • tingling and numbness in the fingers, which can cause trouble sleeping
  • losing sensation in your fingers
  • loss of strength or dexterity in your hands, which can be distressing
  • cold induced whiteness of the fingers, known as vibration white finger
  • weakness of grip

In more serious cases this can result in:

  • numbness in your hands becoming permanent, and not being able to feel things at all
  • difficulty in picking up small objects 
  • struggling to undertake daily tasks, such as doing up buttons

Vibration white finger could happen more frequently and affect more of your fingers.

Our solicitors will investigate your claim thoroughly and with care, in order to establish breach of duty. We will investigate whether the vibration was excessive, and if your employer failed to take appropriate and necessary measures to reduce the risk of injury to an appropriate level.  

An employer will need to show that they have taken reasonable steps to control exposure to vibration if they are to avoid liability, such as:

  • pre-employment screening
  • providing training and information to employees on the nature of the risk from vibration 
  • what signs or symptoms to be aware of and report to the employer
  • providing routine health surveillance
  • controlling vibration levels by reducing exposure to vibration 
  • properly maintaining vibration tools
  • limiting exposure times
  • ensuring tools are handled so as to limit vibration being transmitted to the hand

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