How to prepare your Will

At NewLaw, we want to make the preparation of your Will as easy and stress free as possible. We are able to prepare your Will in a number of different ways:

  • by telephone 
  • email 
  • online 
  • face to face meeting
  • home visit 

What happens if I do not prepare a Will?
If you do not prepare a Will your assets will pass under the Rules of Intestacy. These are the rules prepared by the government setting out who should inherit.

The order of priority is as follows:

  • spouse
    If there are children: Spouse receives the first £250,000 and all personal possessions and half of the remainder, the other half of the remainder is split equally between any children 
    If no children: Spouse receives everything 
  • children in equal shares 
  • grandchildren in equal shares 
  • parents in equal shares 
  • brothers and sisters in equal shares 
  • nieces and nephews in equal shares 
  • half-brothers and half-sisters in equal shares
  • grandparents in equal shares
  • aunts and uncles in equal shares
  • half-aunts and half-uncles in equal shares 
  • The Crown  

To give you peace of mind, we always work on a fixed fee basis which means there will be no surprises. Once we have agreed the work we will carry out for you, we will inform you of our fees up front.

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