Power of Attorney Scotland

Unless you have granted a Power of Attorney, no one will have power to speak up or act on your behalf should you be unable to do so, not even your spouse or immediate family, which could potentially cause problems with banks, hospitals, etc.

If a Power of Attorney has not been put in place and you were to lose capacity, an application would need to be made to the court to appoint a guardian. This is a lengthy process and could cost ten times or more than setting up a Power of Attorney. 

Granting a Power of Attorney is a simple process and our specialist solicitors can help you through it. 

We can help to answer questions such as:

  • Who should I appoint as my attorney?
  • What duties does an attorney have?
  • Will I be giving up any of my independence?
  • When does a Power of Attorney come into force?
  • Can I revoke a Power of Attorney?

Scottish Laws are different to those in England and Wales, therefore it is best to speak with an experienced Solicitor to ensure that you have the right information. Contact our NewLaw Scotland office on 0333 003 0655 or complete the form below to start the process.


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