Grant of Representation Service

Personal representatives sometimes want to administer estates themselves. We can help you to obtain the Grant of Representation quickly and efficiently so that you can get on with administering the estate.

Helping you with the formalities of obtaining a Grant
Whether it is a straightforward estate, or a Grant of Representation is needed as a result of a fatal injury, our probate experts will assist the personal representatives to obtain the Grant of Representation from the Probate Court.

Our Service
Our fixed fee Grant of Representation service includes:

  • providing a guide to help you with the pre-grant steps that need to be taken
  • completing the Inheritance Tax account IHT 205 for signature
  • preparing the Probate Oath, which needs to be sworn in the presence of a solicitor or Commissioner for Oaths
  • submitting the application for the Grant to the Probate Court
  • sending the Grant to the personal representatives once it has been issued
Our Grant of Representation Service is suitable for estates where the deceased was domiciled in the UK, the estate is valued below £325,000, and there are no foreign, business or agricultural assets.

Whether it is general advice you need, practical help with the next steps after a death, or help in completing forms to obtain the Grant, then call one of our lawyers on 0333 003 1909

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