Costs for Personal Injury Trusts

The work of our Wills, Probate and Trust team covers a wide area of law including Will writing, Lasting Power of Attorney, trusts, probate, estate administration and Court of Protection matters, which includes deputyship applications. These areas of law do not involve litigation and are known as non-contentious areas of work.

We will take into account all the complexities of the case and the fees we charge are always fair and reasonable, which is also a requirement of this type of legal work. Any charges must take into account a combination of factors including:

  • the complexity of the matter or the difficulty of the questions raised for which legal advice has been sought
  • the skill, labour and specialised knowledge and responsibility involved
  • the time spent on the matter
  • the number and importance of the documents prepared or considered
  • the amount or value of any money or property involved
  • whether any land that is involved is registered land
  • the importance of the matter to the client

At NewLaw, we will provide a quote for legal costs based on the information provided, but for most instances there will be a fixed fee.

We usually charge fixed fees for the following:

  • Wills
  • Lasting Powers of Attorney
  • Preparing a trust document
  • Probate and estate administration

Our fixed fees give you the peace of mind of knowing what legal costs you are paying from the outset. The fixed fee will not change regardless of the amount of time or work involved provided the nature of the instructions and the complexity of the work required does not change substantially. If you do alter your instructions or the matter becomes more complex and therefore the work you want us to do changes, we will quote you a new fee and put this in writing.

Sometimes we may not be able to charge a fixed fee, especially where there is likely to be ongoing legal work e.g. daily management of someone’s affairs through a deputyship order, or regular administration of a trust. If this happens, then you will be charged an hourly rate and this means that we are paid by reference to the time spent on your case. You will be told the expected time that will be needed and the costs involved. The time is calculated in units of 6 minutes each and therefore each hour spent on a case is 10 units.

For any work carried out, you will be sent an invoice for our fees to which VAT will be added. Sometimes we may also need to incur third party charges known as ‘disbursements’, in order to advise a client correctly e.g. a fee to clarify property ownership at the Land Registry or to carry out the instructions e.g. a fee to the Probate Court to obtain a Grant of Representation. 

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