The Process

The Process 
Our first step of the process will be to arrange a convenient time to discuss the LPA over the telephone with you, or we are always happy to visit you at your home if this would put you more at ease. 

You will need to provide us with full names, addresses and dates of birth for both you and your attorneys. The Donor and each Attorney will need to sign the forms in the presence of a witness. 

You will usually need to choose a person to be notified that you are preparing the LPAs. This person will simply receive a notice at the point of registration, although they are entitled to object if they feel you should not be preparing the LPA. 

The final requirement for the completion of the LPA is that a certificate is signed by a third party, called the Certificate Provider. The Certificate Provider must either be an independent person chosen by you, who has known you personally for more than two years, or a person with a professional skill, such as a solicitor or medical professional, and they must sign a section in the LPA to confirm that they believe that you:

  • understand the purpose of the LPA
  • understand the extent of the powers you are giving the attorney
  • are not being pressurised to prepare the LPA

Once all sections have been signed, the LPA can be registered. The OPG is in charge of registering all LPAs, for which a charge £110.00 per LPA is applied, although they will offer a reduction based on income, or a complete exemption if certain benefits are received. 

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