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Spinal Injury Claims Solicitors

At NewLaw we have recovered millions of pounds in compensation for clients who have suffered spinal injuries. This has not only provided them with financial security, but has given them access to the support and equipment they need to make their lives more independent again.

We will bring in a team of experts to work with you, to help you adjust and make your life as easy as possible. Your priority may be to make changes to your home, allowing it to be converted to be wheelchair friendly for example. Alternatively, you may need to find a new home altogether. We will work with a range of specialists to ensure that you receive the right help at the right time.

What is Spinal Cord Injury?
Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) is an injury to the spinal cord resulting in temporary or permanent change in the cord's normal motor, sensory, or autonomic function. Common causes of damage are trauma (car accident, assaults, falls, sports injuries, etc.) or disease. The spinal cord does not have to be severed completely in order for a loss of function to occur. Symptoms can vary widely, from pain to paralysis and incontinence. SCI can be ‘incomplete’, which can vary from having no effect on the patient, to a ‘complete’ injury, which means a total loss of function.

Who is affected by SCI?
According to the Spinal Injuries Association, every eight hours someone in the UK is told that they will never walk again due to damage to their spinal cord. It could happen to any of us, at any time, as a result of an accident or illness. Historically, the majority of spinal cord injuries have been sustained by those aged 15 to 40, with men outnumbering women. Increasingly, however, older people are becoming affected too.

What you can do?
The NHS will provide excellent acute treatment of spinal cord injury, but that support often falls away after discharge from hospital. Usually rehabilitation is needed either in a residential setting or in the community. Expert physiotherapy, psychological and medical input is essential to obtain the best outcome.  Often a full recovery is not possible, so support will be needed to come to terms with living with spinal cord injury and ensuring maximum independence and quality of life.

How can claiming for compensation help me?
Claiming compensation will give you access to the best rehabilitation providers and maximise your recovery following the accident. The NHS provides excellent care at the acute stage following an injury, but long term rehabilitation, especially in the community, can be lacking. Making a successful claim for compensation will mean funding is made available for a range of expert input, including:

  • architects and occupational therapists who can make a return home possible
  • a case manager, who will set up a care regime on your return home and advise on benefits and other financial issues
  • consultants, specialist physiotherapists and other medical experts, who will advise on the medical treatments that you may need for the rest of your life
  • specialists in disability and technology, to maximise your use of computer control over your environment
  • specialists in mobility, to make sure you have as much independence as possible
  • employment experts - a number of our clients have returned to work following a spinal injury
  • fertility experts

Access to this expert support and advice will help you maximise your recovery and independence and can give you the quality of life you deserve.

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