Adaptations after a serious personal injury

An accident or injury can cause loss of independence, and in some cases living in your own home and completing your everyday tasks can become impossible. NewLaw’s serious personal injury claims solicitors, understand that having a serious accident can cause a huge disruption for you and your family, and our specialist solicitors can help you claim for compensation for your home adaptations or equipment that you may require after an accident or injury that wasn’t your fault. 

Depending on the circumstances of your accident, and the level of injury sustained, several changes may need to be made to your home to enable you to live, post injury, with as much independence as possible. For those that have suffered the most serious injuries, housing adaptations are almost always necessary. 

Our personal injury solicitors at NewLaw, understand that compensation is just one part of the process. Our aim is always to put our clients back in the position that they would have been in had it not been for the accident. We can seek a financial settlement that will enable you to modify or purchase equipment, or a home to meet the future needs of you and your family, which in turn will help assist your rehabilitation and recovery.

The list of adaptations needed after a serious personal injury, that can be made to a home is endless, but some common examples include:

  • widening door frames with sliding doors, to allow better wheelchair access throughout the home
  • modify the home, incorporating lifts or stair lifts to allow the client to access all areas of their house
  • provide height adjustable sinks with motion sensor controlled taps to ensure the sink is equally accessible for the wheelchair user and the rest of their family
  • convert bathrooms in to wet rooms for ease of use for the whole family
  • building in thermostats to showers and taps, to reduce the risk of burning for clients with sensory loss
  • creating more space with underfloor heating
  • incorporating handrails to assist with movement and transfers around the home
  • arranging for control panels to control numerous household objects at the touch of a button
  • adding ramps or level access to the home and garden areas
  • extensions to include ground floor bedrooms, bathrooms and therapy rooms for use by the client and any support workers or family that may need to stay at the house to assist the client

Adaptations can be as simple as removing carpets and replacing it with laminate flooring, to allow a wheelchair user to move smoothly and easily around their home. Sometimes complex equipment may need to be used, such as installing a computer control centre for the lighting, heating, and the opening of doors and curtains throughout the house at the touch of a button. 

Post injury, NewLaw will seek to arrange for an Immediate Needs Assessment to be carried out by an experienced and specialist case manager at the earliest opportunity. The case manager will explore the nature and the extent of accommodation and other rehabilitation needs required by you. The case manager will assess your immediate needs and complete a full and detailed report, which will be to identify all future accommodation needs and to make recommendations about how these should be met to ensure that you are able to live as independent a life as possible.

Sometimes it is possible to extend and adapt a client’s existing home to make it bigger and more accessible. However, on occasion, adaptations may not be possible and it is more suitable to purchase a new house or bungalow. This can be due to structural restrictions, the injured client living in a rental property or the location of the property being unsuitable for a person with disabilities.

In these instances, we are able to make arrangements to investigate and identify a new property to purchase before the necessary housing adaptations are made. Where this is the case, in addition to the costs of the adaptations themselves, we can also seek to recover compensation for the additional cost of buying a larger property together with the incidental costs of the purchase such as estate agent fees and conveyancing costs, and the annual costs of running a larger house.

Our team of specialist serious injury lawyers will be able to advise you on whether a claim can be made for either adaptation of your current property, or the purchase of a new property and where necessary will assist you with this, together with every other aspect of your claim. 

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