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Orthopaedic Injuries

Serious orthopaedic injuries can affect bones and joints in such a way that they do not heal quickly and completely, and may leave the injured person with long term difficulties. Injuries of this nature can have a long and traumatic impact on your life, as well as that of your family and friends. If you believe that your GP, Hospital or Medical Practitioner failed to identify or misdiagnose your orthopaedic injury, visit our Medical Negligence page.

Whilst the compensation you receive will have a positive impact on your quality of life, at NewLaw we understand it is not just about money. You will need advice and guidance through this time of recovery and adjustment. 

The right rehabilitation is vital from the start if you are to achieve the best recovery possible. In our experience, rehabilitation has a hugely positive impact on recovery periods from these types of injury. Rehabilitation is about medical treatment, counselling, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, orthotics (if needed), equipment, adaptations to your home or buying a new home if your mobility is affected by the injury. Specialist case management from suitably qualified professionals needs to be set up to ensure you get the right support network. As you move on in your recovery, it is necessary to assess how your injuries, and any long term consequences, have affected you in your workplace and therefore employment and vocational rehabilitation can also be essential.

If you have suffered a serious orthopaedic injury, then it is vital that you are represented by a specialist solicitor who understands how those injuries, and your recovery from them, can affect you. At NewLaw we have a wealth of experience in helping people with these injuries, and have recovered millions of pounds in compensation for our clients. With both legal expertise and in-depth knowledge of the medical and rehabilitation issues, we are able to ensure that every angle is covered to ensure that our clients get the very best help available.

How can claiming for compensation help me?
Claiming compensation will give you access to the best rehabilitation and equipment providers to maximise your recovery, and therefore your independence, following the accident. The NHS provides excellent care at the acute stage following an injury, but long term rehabilitation can be lacking. Read our Scotland Case study

Making a successful claim for compensation will mean funding is made available for a range of expert input including:

  • orthotics experts, providing cutting edge technology
  • physiotherapists to maintain fitness
  • architects and occupational therapists, who will make a return home possible if you have mobility problems
  • consultants and other medical experts, who will advise on any medical treatments you may need for the rest of your life
  • employment experts to help you return to work

Access to this expert support and advice will help you maximise your recovery and independence and can give you the quality of life you deserve.

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