Filtering is the term used for overtaking lines of traffic. Motorcyclists sometimes overtake on the outside or between lines of stationary, or very slow moving traffic. 

Our specialist motorcycle solicitors treat each case on its individual merits. We will:

  • establish facts
  • determine exactly what happened
  • identify any witnesses
  • fight for your claim 

At NewLaw we have advised on cases where the motorcyclist has been accused of riding too fast when filtering and disregarding other vehicles. 

When a biker is involved in an accident due to filtering, the other party will often suggest that the motorcyclist is to blame, as he was going to fast when filtering and not having proper regard for other vehicles. 

The other party’s insurance company will usually suggest, that most of the blame should rest with the motorcyclist and rely on old case law to support their argument.

We have successfully argued in many cases that this case law should not apply, and a more favourable outcome to the motorcyclist has usually been reached.

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