Diesel Spills

Diesel spills or fuel spills are common, especially when there is a change of weather. Usually in warm weather the diesel spillage can dry up and as soon as the rain falls, it can become quite treacherous for riders and drivers alike. 

If there is an accident caused by diesel spill, it is likely that a claim for compensation can be made, even if it was the negligence of an untraced road user that led to the diesel spill or oil spill being on the road. Fuel Spills can be caused as a result of:

  • overfilling (necking) a fuel tank
  • failing to properly secure the petrol cap

Fuel spills are dangerous for road users, especially motorcyclists, and account for hundreds of motorcycle accidents every year. It is becoming more common for commercial vehicles to take alternative routes, such as driving through narrow lanes, to avoid congestion on main roads and motorways. This can be cause for concern for bikers, as the majority of spills tend to be found on sharp bends on winding country lanes.

Diesel is a particularly dangerous substance as it is difficult to detect on the roads, rather like black ice. Rainfall makes the problem worse, as the diesel floats to the surface causing bikers to lose control. Diesel can remain on the road surface for several weeks, often only reappearing following rainfall. 

From our own client experiences, motorcycle accidents from fuel spills can sometimes result in fatalities. 

NewLaw has helped hundreds of people claim for accidents and injuries caused by diesel spills. We have a specialist team of motorcycle law specialists that can help you with your claim for compensation. 

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