"At NewLaw the motorbike team are riders too, so they work from their experiences when fighting to win your case."

Motorbike Accident Compensation

30 bikers a day are killed or injured at junctions on British roads (source: gov.uk.2014). Many hundreds more are injured and sometimes with devastating effect. At NewLaw, our team of motorcycle law experts can give you the support and help you need to get the care, treatment and financial assistance that you deserve, whether you have had a minor injury (such as soft tissue injury) or a serious injury from an accident. 

NewLaw solicitors are renowned for the expert service we provide to motorcyclists who have been injured in accidents which were not their fault. Our expert team of solicitors includes a number of motorcycle riders. Their knowledge is derived from first hand experience of what it is like to ride on the roads, but also from years of experience of dealing with motorbike accident cases. We understand that bikes are different and that bikers are different too. The majority of motorbike accidents are not the fault of the rider, but the injuries and damages suffered can be complicated, sometimes devastating.

Motorbike accidents are not just caused by collisions. They can be caused due to slips from diesel spills or highway related defects, and we have the expertise to deal with all types of claim. Filtering accidents are often dismissed as the motorcyclist’s fault. But we know that this type of manoeuvre is perfectly legitimate in certain circumstances, and we are equipped to properly assess the facts of the case and work on your behalf.

Why choose NewLaw Solicitors for your motorcycle accident claim? 
As some of our colleagues are riders themselves, they have first-hand experience and can understand the situation that the motorcyclist may have gone through. More importantly, all of our motorcycle claims teams are solely dedicated to dealing with this type of claim, and therefore we have a huge amount of experience on which to draw for the benefit of our clients.

It is important to choose the right legal representative for your compensation claim. By choosing NewLaw you are in safe hands. We have recovered millions of pounds in compensation for our biker clients, enabling them to cover:

  • medical bills 
  • loss of income
  • damaged equipment, such as helmets and protective clothing
  • replacement vehicles
  • compensation for their injuries

Who is affected by Motorcycle accidents?
Unfortunately, sometimes it is not only the biker that is affected by an accident, but also any pillion passengers they may be carrying as well. If the accident turns into a serious injury, members of the family can be affected by the trauma and having to adjust their lives and lifestyle.  

How can claiming compensation help me?
We will ensure that your bike is repaired or, if it has been written off, that it is replaced as quickly as possible. Some insurers will contact you directly. We strongly recommend that you do not accept any offer from an insurance company before your injuries have been properly assessed. Some people suffer long term ongoing pain and discomfort following what is initially perceived as a relatively minor accident. 

It is important that you obtain the right advice. Once you settle your claim, you cannot make another claim for injuries or financial losses arising from the accident, even if you do not recover from your injuries as anticipated.

If you have suffered a very serious injury, claiming for compensation with the right professional legal experts can give you access to the best rehabilitation providers, which can help maximise your recovery following the accident. The NHS provides excellent care at the acute stage following an injury, but long term rehabilitation, especially in the community, can be lacking. Making a successful claim for compensation will mean funding is made available for a range of expert input including:

  • brain injury case management
  • occupational therapy
  • support workers
  • accommodation experts
  • transportation experts
  • Court of Protection advice

What you can do? 
Seeking expert treatment for your injuries as soon as possible after the accident is very important. Studies suggest that the sooner rehabilitation is put in place for someone with serious injuries, the better their eventual recovery. 

Diesel Spills
Diesel spills or fuel spills are common, especially when there is a change of weather. Usually in warm weather the diesel spillage can dry up and as soon as the rain falls, it can become quite treacherous for riders and drivers alike. 

If there is an accident caused by diesel spill, it is likely that a claim for compensation can be made, even if it was the negligence of an untraced road user that led to the diesel spill or oil spill being on the road. Fuel Spills can be caused as a result of:

  • overfilling (necking) a fuel tank
  • failing to properly secure the petrol cap

Fuel spills are dangerous for road users, especially motorcyclists, and account for hundreds of motorcycle accidents every year. It is becoming more common for commercial vehicles to take alternative routes, such as driving through narrow lanes, to avoid congestion on main roads and motorways. This can be cause for concern for bikers, as the majority of spills tend to be found on sharp bends on winding country lanes.

Diesel is a particularly dangerous substance as it is difficult to detect on the roads, rather like black ice. Rainfall makes the problem worse, as the diesel floats to the surface causing bikers to lose control. Diesel can remain on the road surface for several weeks, often only reappearing following rainfall. 

From our own client experiences, motorcycle accidents from fuel spills can sometimes result in fatalities. 

NewLaw has helped hundreds of people claim for accidents and injuries caused by diesel spills. We have a specialist team of motorcycle law specialists that can help you with your claim for compensation. 

Filtering is the term used for overtaking lines of traffic. Motorcyclists sometimes overtake on the outside or between lines of stationary, or very slow moving traffic. 

Our specialist motorcycle solicitors treat each case on its individual merits. We will:

  • establish facts
  • determine exactly what happened
  • identify any witnesses
  • fight for your claim 

At NewLaw we have advised on cases where the motorcyclist has been accused of riding too fast when filtering and disregarding other vehicles. 

When a biker is involved in an accident due to filtering, the other party will often suggest that the motorcyclist is to blame, as he was going to fast when filtering and not having proper regard for other vehicles. 

The other party’s insurance company will usually suggest, that most of the blame should rest with the motorcyclist and rely on old case law to support their argument.

We have successfully argued in many cases that this case law should not apply, and a more favourable outcome to the motorcyclist has usually been reached.

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