Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Leak

Be vigilant for the following possible signs of a Carbon Monoxide leak: 

  • black sooty marks on the front of gas fires, around boilers or stoves 
  • smoke build up in rooms due to a faulty flue 
  • yellow flames coming from a gas appliance instead of blue 
  • you or people in your household falling ill with the symptoms detailed above, especially if symptoms disappear when you go away and return when you come back, such as if you go on holiday 
  • pets also becoming ill 

If you suspect a leak, you should: 

  • stop using cooking and heating appliances that use fuel other than electricity 
  • open all windows in your property 
  • move away from the suspected source of Carbon Monoxide 
  • if you live in a rented property, report the problem to your landlord 
  • contact the HSE Gas Safety Advice Line on 0800 300 363
  • visit your GP as soon as possible and ensure it is documented in your notes
  • arrange for a suitably qualified engineer to inspect your appliances 
At NewLaw we have solicitors who can help you make a claim for compensation for Carbon Monoxide Poisoning.

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