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As personal injury lawyers at NewLaw, we understand that you may need specialist care following an accident.  Often an accident or injury can cause you to lose your independence, and everyday tasks can become difficult or even impossible.  Depending on the circumstances of your claim for compensation, we can put in place a comprehensive rehabilitation plan suitable for your individual needs.

We will start by discussing with you what assistance you may need; we can then often arrange for an experienced and knowledgeable specialist practitioner (a case manager) to visit with you to discuss what rehabilitation would be beneficial.  

They can recommend treatment, such as physiotherapy, to assist in your recovery, and can work alongside the NHS if you are already having treatment.  The case manager may also recommend practical support and assistance; for example, it may be that following the accident that you may need assistance with household tasks such as cleaning, cooking and gardening.  If you are unable to drive as a result of your injuries, it may be that the case manager would suggest that a taxi account be set up in order to ensure that you can still get around and attend appointments, as well as recommend a wide range of solutions tailored for your needs. 

Following the assessment by the case manager, we will aim to implement the recommendations. NewLaw’s team of specialists, where appropriate will often be appointed to oversee the implementation of the case plan, ensuring that appropriate local agents (e.g. therapists, cleaners, gardeners) are all put in place at the appropriate time, and ensure the smooth running of a care plan for you.  Your needs will often change over time and the case manager will keep your requirements under review and ensure that you are getting the best help possible. 

These specialist rehabilitation services for personal injury compensation go well beyond the financial aims of claiming for compensation.  It may be that you are unfortunately unable to return to your previous employment as a result of your injuries.  While financial compensation will aim to compensate you for any loss of earnings, our specialist rehabilitation can also assist you with finding new employment after a period away from work or help find a way of retraining for a new career.  Our employment law team are available to discuss options should you have any problems with your employment.

We also have a welfare and rehabilitation team at NewLaw who are experienced in assisting people involved in serious accidents.  It is widely acknowledged that early access to rehabilitation will increase the chances of a successful recovery from your injuries.

Depending on the circumstances of your case, NewLaw’s specialist welfare and rehabilitation team will meet with you, to give you and your family information and emotional support following a serious accident.  If you required a hospital admission due to the accident, a member of the our welfare team can visit you at the hospital, liaise with hospital staff to facilitate a safe and appropriate discharge from hospital, and ensure that you will have access to all the services that may be of assistance to you from the NHS and your local authority.  The welfare and rehabilitation team can also provide information so that you can access the aids and equipment you may need. At NewLaw we are committed to securing the best outcome for each of our clients by working with all the professionals involved to maximise the impact of early intervention.  Our team will arrange for a needs assessment to be carried out as soon as possible by an appropriately qualified individual. After obtaining permission from you, they will recommend a programme of rehabilitation via a personal report, which will cover relevant areas to help you recover. These will include areas such as:

  • physiotherapy
  • hydrotherapy
  • psychological input
  • speech and language therapy
  • case management
  • bladder, bowel & skin management in spinal cord injury cases
  • occupational therapy, e.g. assessment of accommodation and equipment needs

If you are suffering financially as a result of the accident, we may be able to secure an interim payment from the insurer of the third party.  An interim payment is an advance payment of part of your damages which the offender’s side may be liable to pay.  These interim payments can fund rehabilitation recommendations and also aim to ensure that you avoid any financial hardship as a result of the accident.  

However, in some cases an interim payment cannot be made. This may be the case if liability is being investigated by the third party insurer or if liability is disputed.  If an interim payment cannot be made, the NewLaw welfare and rehabilitation team can put you in contact with various agencies (such as unions or charities) to assist you with meeting your financial needs.  Our team at NewLaw can also provide information and can help you in applying for state benefits that you may be entitled to, such as employment and support allowance.  We understand this can be a stressful situation and NewLaw’s welfare and rehabilitation team can offer guidance to assist you. 

Throughout your claim, NewLaw solicitors will aim to ensure you are given the help and support you need.

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