The Mesh Surgery Scandal

Mesh implants, are medical devices used by surgeons to treat pelvic organ prolapse and incontinence in women, conditions that can commonly occur after childbirth. The mesh is also known as transvaginal tape or TVT.  It is usually made from synthetic polypropylene, is intended to repair damaged or weakened tissue. Some women say they have had great benefit from the procedure, but others have suffered complications including severe pain and incontinence. 

A number of them have been consulting lawyers, asking why they were not given better advance information about the potential risks, whether the surgery was correctly done, and whether the mesh itself was fit for purpose.

North Bristol NHS Trust is investigating one of its surgeons and is no longer permitting him to undertake the operation, called a mesh rectopexy.

Angelina Rigby, Head of Clinical Negligence at NewLaw solicitors commented: "This is not an isolated problem involving one surgeon: mesh implants have been very widely used in the UK since 2004 and problems have been reported from the start. It is a scandal that it is only now that action is being taken after so many women have suffered, and continue to suffer, in silence.”

NewLaw has offices in England, Wales and Scotland, and our specialist clinical negligence lawyers are happy to give free advice to anyone who thinks they may have suffered as a result of having a mesh implant. Contact us today on 0333 321 1909.


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