People are falling ill after drinking contaminated Macb Water

Members of the public have been told to avoid drinking Macb soft drinks after the Scottish company’s products were found to be contaminated. 

Consumers have experienced nausea, vomiting, headaches after drinking Macb’s bottled water. In more severe cases, symptoms included blood in faeces.

The soft drinks manufacturer Cott Beverages Limited, who produce Macb water, has now withdrawn 1.5l and 330ml bottles of the strawberry and kiwi flavoured water from shop shelves. Scotland’s food watchdog, Food Standards Scotland, has started an investigation.

Consumers complained the water had an unpleasant odour and some reported the presence of mould.   

In response to the growing number of people falling ill after drinking their products, Macb issued a statement “Please be assured that whilst the drink may be have a strong odour and be unpleasant to taste, this is not harmful and our other Macb bottle sizes and flavours are unaffected.”

However despite claims that the water is not harmful, numerous customers have developed similar illnesses after drinking the water. NewLaw Scotland is now acting for a number of individuals who have become sick and unable to work after drinking Macb’s bottled water.

One of our clients, Henry Brannan, has been a daily consumer of Macb’s bottled water and has been laid low with stomach cramps, nausea, sickness and diarrhoea.

“I can’t fully explain how sick I’ve been. It got so bad I had to see my GP, and he’s convinced it’s linked to the flavoured water I’d been drinking every day.

“I phoned the company on the Friday and they fobbed me off.  On the Saturday I felt so bad I phoned Macb’s head office again to let them know what happened. The person I spoke with turned out to be the director’s wife. She spent most of the call complaining about having to work on a Saturday. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.  Eventually I spoke with the director and he admitted that there was a problem with some batches of water.

“I’ve been so unwell for weeks and it’s been made worse by the lack of information from Macb. I had no idea how dangerous the water was. They have been blatantly neglectful. 

NewLaw Scotland’s clients report that the water had an overpowering smell – similar to nail varnish remover or paint thinner. Food Standards Scotland has advised customers not to drink the Macb brand water.

Laura McGee, a solicitor with NewLaw Scotland and her team have already intimated claims to Macb on behalf of some of the clients.  It is expected that these claims will be passed on to Macb’s insurers om the coming days.

Laura commented:

“In the past couple of weeks we’ve been contacted by clients who have become very unwell after drinking the strawberry and kiwi flavoured water.  All of their symptoms are very similar and doctors have linked it to the water. 

It is very frustrating for these clients to read the statement issued by Macb as they know the contaminated water has made them sick – very sick, in some instances. These are paying customers who feel as though they are being ignored by the drinks manufacturer.

“Macb’s statement doesn’t stack up against my clients’ experiences, and it does not explain why Macb has taken their product off the shelves.

“It is reassuring the FSS have commenced an investigation and NewLaw is now commencing legal action on behalf of the customers who have been affected.” 

If you have been affected and have not already spoken to NewLaw Scotland you can contact Laura on 0141 225 4794. 


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