Accidents whilst participating in sports

With the sporting season in full swing there is always a predicted increase in the number of injuries that can occur whilst playing any type of sport, be it competitively or for leisure purposes.

Laura Hann, a Team Manager for Occupational Public Liability at NewLaw Solicitors, comments:

The number of patients attending Accident and Emergency with a sports related injury has risen steadily since 2012, playing a sport should be a fun and enjoyable experience but as with any sporting activity there is a certain element of risk that applies.

Section 2 of the Occupiers Liability Act 1957 places a duty on the event organisers of a sporting event to ensure the participant is safe whilst on the premises. Common Law negligence places a duty on the event organisers or sporting club to ensure the sport is played safely and that participants are not exposed to risks in respect of their health and safety. 

Examples of such claims are as follows:

  • A Rugby player playing a rugby union match and sustaining an injury due to an illegal tackle.
  • An Ice-hockey player injured during a game.
  • A Cyclist injured during a time trial.
  • A football player being recklessly tackled by an opposing player causing injury. 

Bringing a claim for a sports injury often revolves around witness evidence being available from fellow players we therefore encourage you to ensure every detail abouth the incident is obtained as early as possible.

If you have suffered an injury whilst playing sports in the UK within the last 3 years you could be entitled to compensation. 

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