Blue Badge scheme for seriously injured

The Blue Badge Scheme in Wales has been expanded in Wales to include those experiencing temporary but substantial injuries or illness. This came into force on the 1st October 2016 and was announced by the Economy and Infrastructure Secretary Ken Skates. 

The expanded scheme, which provides parking concessions to people with disabilities, will now offer temporary, 12 month badges for those recovering from or awaiting treatment for serious illnesses or injuries. 

These can include, a person

  • recovering from complex leg fractures sometimes managed with external fixators for periods of well over a year
  • recovering from stroke or head injury that has impacted on their mobility
  • recovering from spinal trauma which impacts their mobility  
  • with a serious illness where the treatment may be debilitating, for example treatment for cancer
  • with severe functional leg impairments who is awaiting or who has undergone joint replacement. For example, unilateral or bilateral hip, knee, etc.

Ken Skates had said, that the Blue Badge scheme had been limited to people with permanent impairments and that by extending the eligibility by introducing temporary badges ensured consistency and fairness to those who need access to it, whilst limiting the criteria to people who have an impairment lasting twelve or more months.

Mike Tonkin, Welfare Manager at NewLaw solicitors said, “This is welcome news for Welsh residents who have been severely incapacitated following an accident or a serious illness or injury. It is good news for those who are struggling with their mobility but have been deemed ineligible for a badge as the nature of their mobility impairment has not been deemed permanent.  

‘Many of our seriously injured orthopaedic clients experience for example first-hand, the difficulties of parking when needing to attend hospital appointments.”


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