NewLaw supports Right to Know: Asbestos in Schools Wales Campaign

NewLaw is proud to support the Right to Know: Asbestos in Schools Wales campaign. 

The campaign, aimed at Welsh Government and Local Authorities, is calling for a national online schools asbestos register database to be established.

The online database would hold information on all school buildings in Wales, and anybody should be able to search it, to see if an asebestos register is held for those buildings, along with contact details of the Duty Holder for the building in question.

BBC Wales' Week in Week Our programme carried out a survey of Local Authorities in October 2012 and found that 1,515 schools in Wales - approximately 85% of the total - contain asbestos.

We believe that parents should be able to find out whether their child's school contains asbestos, and if so, whether adequate management plans are in place.

Click here to sign the campaign petition.

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