“Sometimes all you need is a sorry, but at times the fatal injury of a loved one may pose other difficulties in life.”

Fatal Injury Claims

We all at some time in our lives will have to experience the death of a loved one. Naturally this will be a difficult time especially if the death has occurred due to negligence of a hospital or GP, and subsequently that death could have been prevented.

There are a lot of instances where a death of a loved one has occurred due to negligence and some of them include:

  • mistakes made during surgery
  • failure to diagnose: cancer 
  • failure to provide adequate treatment
  • mis-prescription of medication
  • sepsis 
  • pneumonia

At NewLaw, our medical negligence solicitors will help you prove whether your loved ones death occurred as a result of the failure of the GP and/or hospital to promptly diagnose and treat a condition. 

This is commonly seen in patients who:

  • have had a late diagnosis of cancer
  • there was a failure to identify typical symptoms of sepsis 
  • a patient who has suffered a chest infection or, has debilitating mobility problems and has developed pneumonia, usually the pneumonia has gone undiagnosed or treated. 

These conditions can be life-threatening or fatal if not identified and treated promptly.

Your loved one may have had surgery, and something may have gone wrong in the surgery which may not have been identified and treated. It could be that post-surgery there was a failure to heed a patients observations which were indicative of a problem or precipitated a serious condition, such as a stroke or heart attack, which ultimately has ended in their death.

There are lots of situations where a negligent act can arise. Therefore if you are not happy with the way a loved one’s condition or disease was managed and/or treated or, you feel there were failings in your loved ones care, speak to one of our specialist solicitors.

How can claiming for a Fatal Injury compensation help me?
Making a claim for compensation where you believe medical negligence to have taken place is never an easy decision. You will have placed your trust in the medical practitioners involved, and as such, your faith in the medical profession is likely to have been shaken.

By making a claim resulting in your loved ones death, you can ensure that any dependants, such as children are looked after financially. Our solicitors at NewLaw will look to claim any past and future financial losses, and try to provide assistance with issues such as, any care that your loved one may have provided to other family members.

Typically heads of loss include:

  • loss of maternal services
  • loss of carer services
  • statutory bereavement award
  • past/future loss of earnings
  • probate costs
  • funeral expenses

In certain situations there may be the need for an inquest, naturally this can be difficult to deal with and we can provide you with help and guidance through the inquest process, when required. 

What can I do?
If you would like to know more about claiming for a Fatal Injury claim, call our specialist medical negligence team on 0333 003 1909 or complete an enquiry form.

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