"We represent clients in both Employment Tribunals and civil courts."

Tribunal Representation

NewLaw Employment Solicitors offer experienced and skilled representation throughout the tribunal process. We’re by your side to secure the best chance of a positive and successful outcome for your business.

We offer a FREE 20 minute no-obligation consultation about any tribunal related matter that you are facing. Call one of our Employment Law Lawyers on 0333 005 0301 or complete the contact us form

There are no rules which state that businesses have to have legal representation during an employment tribunal. However, most businesses opt for representation because:

  • there is a business cost associated with collating, drafting and preparing all the necessary documentation in line with the correct law and procedure
  • missing deadlines can be fatal to the defence of a claim
  • often there is a high level of emotional attachment to the matter, which makes dealing with the issue internally difficult and distressing 
  • witnesses will be given full support and prepared for the hearing, with the option to visit a live tribunal before the event if that helps

If all you would like is ad hoc support and guidance along the way with a trusted advisor then we can provide that too.

Why choose NewLaw Employment Solicitors Tribunal Representation? 
NewLaw Solicitors is committed to providing problem-solving advice and solutions that help businesses achieve their long-term objectives. 

Our commercial advice puts your business needs first and we’re passionate about long-term relationships. 

NewLaw Solicitors has successfully advised and represented hundreds of businesses through internal processes and at tribunal, offering support at any stage of the process.  

Whether you are facing a complex project involving TUPE, redundancies or changes to terms of conditions, defending a claim for discrimination by an employee or look to invest in your people then we can help.

If you would like a FREE, no obligation, 20 minute consultation on any Employment law related matter call our specialist Employment Solicitors on 0333 005 0301

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