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Court Litigation

As an employer, you may occasionally be faced with court litigation, which is a claim brought in the civil courts. This can be a single claim, or alongside a claim brought in the Employment Tribunal. 

An employee may view action outside of the Employment Tribunal System advantageous in terms of amounts recoverable and limitation periods. There may even be occasions when claims are issued simultaneously in the employment tribunal and High Court. This would not be uncommon where there is more than one claim. 

It may also be necessary for a business to protect its own interests by taking action against an employee in the civil courts. This sort of claim may be most common where the employment contract contains clauses to prohibit the employee from undertaking competitive activities during their employment and for a certain period after it ends. Here employers may seek injunctions to stop employees from engaging in the prohibited activity as well as claiming for damages.

Court litigation can lead to severe financial impact, along with damage to your business reputation. Giving the potential losses involved in civil claims, expert legal representation is crucial. Our employment lawyers are experts in their field and are business minded. NewLaw Employment Law solicitors will always take the best possible route to achieve a successful outcome for you, whilst ensuring your business is protected from financial or reputational harm. 

We represent clients in both Employment Tribunals and civil courts, often simultaneously, and would be happy to discuss this with you.

Why choose NewLaw Employment Solicitors Tribunal Representation?  
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NewLaw Solicitors has successfully advised and represented hundreds of businesses through internal processes and at tribunal, offering support at any stage of the process.  

Whether you are facing a complex project involving TUPE, redundancies or changes to terms of conditions, defending a claim for discrimination by an employee or look to invest in your people then we can help.

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