Motor Prosecutions

We offer representation at any interview under caution (a PACE interview) whether it be at the police station, your home or our offices. We will also liaise with the police on your behalf.

We represent insured and uninsured drivers in defending motor prosecutions and help them get back on track. If you are guilty of the charge, our team will help mitigate your sentence to try and reduce it to the minimum imposed. 

What is a Motor Prosecution?
Regularly people are prosecuted for failing to follow motor statute or regulations including minor offences, such as: 
  • speeding
  • failing to report an accident
  • failing to stop at the scene of an accident
  • failing to provide details of the driver of the vehicle at the time of an alleged offence
As well as serious offences such as:
  • death by dangerous driving
  • death by careless driving
  • driving without due care and attention
  • drink driving
Who can be prosecuted for a motor offence?
Anyone who drives a motor vehicle on a public road and who may have contravened road traffic statute or regulations.

What should you do if the police are involved?
At times like this it can be difficult and stressful to understand what is happening, especially if you have never dealt with the police before.  You should call our specialist Motor Prosecutions Defence team on 0333 003 1909 who can advise you on your case. 

Read some of the scenarios that we have helped our clients through here.

We work with motor and household insurers and the general public on cases. Our expert motor prosecution solicitors have helped our clients with such things as bail and the conditions and representing clients at interviews with the police

Why should I choose NewLaw to help me at this time?
Our motor prosecution solicitors have years of experience and have worked through many cases where they have achieved a successful outcome for their clients.  

As well as offering advice and representation to defend any criminal charges, the team are able to advise on elements of mitigation. This is where you accept that you are guilty of the charge(s) but want to try and negotiate your sentence to the minimum that may be imposed. This is especially important if you are being disqualified from driving due to the nature of the offence itself or because you have accrued more than 11 points on your licence within the last 3 years. 

We can represent you at the police station or discuss the case with you to prepare you for police interviews.

Serious Road Traffic Accident cases
If you’ve been convicted of a serious road traffic offence, such as causing serious death, it is important that you are represented by a specialist solicitor. At NewLaw we will help prepare your case by gathering all evidence required to ensure a fair outcome to your case.

How much do we charge?
Each offence is dependent on the time we spend on your case. As with all NewLaw cases we will be transparent from the outset with regards to our fees. We will discuss agreeing a fixed fee with you for the more minor offences. The fee will depend on the issues involved, your intended plea and the level of work which will be required. 

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