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Darren Hackley-Green
Darren Hackley-Green

Darren Hackley-Green

Solicitor - APIL Accredited (Senior Litigator)

Darren Hackley-Green was called to the bar in 1999 and qualified as a Solicitor in November 2002. Thereafter he qualified as a Solicitor-Advocate (Criminal and Civil proceedings) in 2009. 

Darren joined NewLaw Solicitors in September 2009.

Darren previously worked for Beachcroft Solicitors in Bristol where he headed up the Motor Prosecutions Defence Unit and defended sub-catastrophic injury claims.

Currently Darren heads up the following teams:

  • The Jurisdictional team (accidents abroad)
  • The Criminal Injuries Compensation team
  • The Motor Prosecutions Defence team

In his spare time, Darren cares for the animals on his 120 acre farm and looks after his twin sons. 

Julie Sutton
Julie Sutton

Julie Sutton

Welfare Manager

Julie Sutton is an Accredited Counsellor with the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP) and is a Fellow of the Institute of Welfare (IOW).  She has gained extensive experience in supporting individuals who have been affected by trauma, bereavement, personal injury and mental health issues. 

Julie said, “Every day is different and every case is different with its own complexities. Looking at client’s needs from an emotional perspective to assisting clients at their most vulnerable time is humbling and rewarding.”

Julie provides support to our clients all over England and Wales with experience of brain injury and orthopaedic injuries, supporting families in their times of need, especially in the case of fatal road accidents.

The support offered by Julie is an integral part of the our client care and she ensures that the solicitors have regular welfare support updates to ensure the client’s needs are being met.

Julie’s primary aim is to help our client’s regain independence and resume control over their lives.

In her spare time, Julie enjoys the theatre, swimming and learning classical guitar (badly!).

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