"1 in 50 adults are assaulted or killed." source:CSEW


Being assaulted can be an intrusive, invasive and devastating experience. The assault may be by a complete stranger, or someone you know or even love. Assault is usually perceived as an act that is physical. However, we know of assaults that can cause psychological damage alone. 

You can be assaulted in any number of ways, with or without a weapon. The assault can result in a number of relatively minor injuries or more significant ones. The person who assaulted you may have been caught by the police, charged, or released without charge, or not even found (unidentified). 

Sometimes an assault can be by an animal. There are various factors which we would look into if this happened to you, such as whether the animal was unleashed to hurt you intentionally or whether for some other reason. 

We have dealt with cases where we have helped children and young adults who were victims of abuse in the education system. Such claims are brought against the local authority.  

Whatever the case may be, if you have been assaulted then you may be able to claim compensation from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board, or from organisations that were, at the time in charge of your well-being, such as the local authority. Our experienced solicitors at NewLaw will investigate to see if you have a potential claim, and if you do, we will pursue it on your behalf.  

We know that an assault can affect a person in various ways, physically and/or psychologically, and can have an impact on daily living. At NewLaw we help people affected by traumatic crimes of this nature and can:

  • work with you every step of the way & ensure complete confidentiality
  • offer you the support of our Welfare Managers, who are not solicitors 
  • get you help from third party agencies, such as rehabilitation services and social services etc.
  • seek longer term support services, such as counselling

Our solicitors have the experience of dealing with complex cases and liaising with authorities, such as:

  • the police services
  • medical practitioners
  • victim support

We will act in a confidential manner and with your consent throughout your claim. 

There were 1.9 million violent incidents in England and Wales in 2012-13. This excludes murder, manslaughter and sexual assault, with just over 1 in 50 adults being affected in this manner, according to the latest figures from the Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW). Violent crime has decreased by 13% over the past five years and by 35% on the peak figure of 4.2 million in 1995. 

There is nothing we can do to change these horrifying statistics. However, we can help guide you through a claim for compensation if your life has been affected after an assault.

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