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NewLaw staff and partners participate in various activities and events throughout the year. 

Below are links to the forthcoming activities and past events.

Contact the relevant person below if you are interested in joining us.

NewLaw Brain Injury Forum 

Dates to be announced shortly.......

Employment Law Events

Coming soon… 
What do Everest and Employment Law have in common?  The need to be able to navigate!

Later this year, NewLaw will be hosting an employment law event with a summit.  We will be guiding you through the peaks and valleys of employment law alongside an inspirational talk from Jeff Smith who will have returned from the Everest summit itself.

We will advise of dates soon.  In the meantime, if you would like to find out more about Jeff’s journey to inspire children to live their dreams click on the link above.

Why join our Events:

“Engaging, knowledgeable and well-constructed session on the P.E.O.P.L.E. Management Model with Victoria Hall, Joanne Rooker and Damian Burns. It was practical, interactive and has provided me with useful ‘takeaways’ which I can implement now to continuously improve my recruitment and staff management processes." Nathan Jackson (Presentify)

“Well-constructed, engaging and participate training with a real commercial focus.   It was good to have some of the complexities and nuances of the law applied to practical case studies that really made us think – the case studies brought learning to life." Liz (FMG)

‘An excellent presentation by Victoria and Jo which was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone – the speakers’ passion on this subject was evident! This was, in fact, a salutary reminder that there is so much more that we should be doing in our business to drive success and performance through people." James (ELGC) 

Past Events 

23rd March 2017 - Click here for more information

29th June 2015 - Brain Injury Forum

16th March 2016 - The Living Wage 

3rd December 2015 - Brain Injury Forum 

25th June 2015 - Brain Injury Forum

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