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This year NewLaw has adopted the Alzhiemer’s Society as charity of the year for 2016.  It is a registered charity set up with the aim of promoting and improving the quality of life of those who are affected by dementia.

At NewLaw we help people and their families when they lack capacity due to an injury or dementia to make decisions for themselves. It is often left to the families to manage these issues, so at NewLaw we try to take this pressure away from them at this difficult time by helping make the application to appoint a deputy to make these decisions and often acting as professional deputy to help make these decisions instead.  This allows the family to be neutral in these situations and to stay as spouse or child rather than becoming banker, accountant, carer and so forth.  

We see first-hand the good work that the Alzheimer’s Society does to help people in these situations, both through the work that we do and as we also have several staff members who have cared for a family member who has had dementia and been supported by the charity.

Each year NewLaw raises money for different charities and in the last 5 years we have raised over £150k and supported over 40 local causes and charities through the NewLaw Charitable Fund 

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