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Ramadan in the workplace - top tips for employers

For many Muslims, Ramadan is a period of religious observance, which includes fasting from sunrise to sunset. In Britain’s increasingly multicultural workplaces Nafeesa Akhtar, Trainee Solicitor provides a four-point checklist for employers on how to support employees observing religious festivals.

The Islamic holy month of Ramadan began on Saturday 27th May 2017 and it ends 30 days later on Sunday 25th June 2017.

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What is split liability?

Split liability, which is often called ‘contributory negligence’ or ‘contrib’, can confuse people.

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Contentious Estates

Dealing with an estate can be very complicated and time-consuming for those left behind. When friends, family or beneficiaries of the deceased disagree over the estate, the entire process can seem overwhelming.

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What is Costs Law?

In the legal process the unsuccessful party is usually ordered to pay the successful party's costs. If those costs cannot be agreed, a detailed bill is served.

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What is EchoSign?

An online system used for the submission and signing of claim documents. It enables us at NewLaw to issue the paperwork to clients efficiently, which instills confidence that we act quickly and are able to start work on a claim as soon possible.

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Work Placements at NewLaw solicitors

NewInsight@NewLaw Work Experience is a five day programme offered at NewLaw which is dedicated to giving the student a rounded view of what it is like to work in one of Wales’ leading Personal Injury firms.

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Dementia Continuous Care Claim

Continuing Healthcare is a package of care which is arranged and funded solely by the NHS.

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What is an unsatisfied judgement?

When court proceedings are issued, the party issuing is the Claimant. NewLaw Solicitors do this on behalf of our client and the person, or company they issue upon becomes the Defendant also known as the party on the other side.

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What does ELPL stand for?

Employer's Liability and Public Liability

Employers are responsible for the health and safety of their employees whilst they are at work. If an employee is injured at work, or suffers a disease or illness as a result of their work, they may be entitled to claim compensation from their employer or former employer. It is compulsory for Employers to have Employer's Liability insurance, which is to cover the employer against any such claims.

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