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Christopher Morgan - Solicitor  

Christopher Morgan
Solicitor (Co-Chair of IRIS)

As co-chair of the IRIS forum I have been thrilled at the level of support provided from the company’s management for ensuring that our LGBT staff are supported and their issues and concerns are taken into consideration. Creating a comfortable workplace is so important to enjoying your job and for LGBT staff that means the firm needs to provide a culture free from discrimination and judgements. 

Karen Meggitt - solicitor

Louise Piper
FCILEx (Co-Chair of IRIS)

NewLaw’s sponsor of IRIS sets a precedent to show that diversity is something we are proud of. Your gender or sexuality has no bearing on your capabilities, it is just a part of you. I am proud to be a member of IRIS and in representing NewLaw in communicating this. I am proud to work in an environment that makes me feel comfortable talking about who I am without the worry of how it will effect my career progression.  

Karen Meggitt - Solicitor

Karen Meggitt
Solicitor (Executive Liaison of IRIS)

I am delighted to be the senior management team sponsor for IRIS. NewLaw solictiors is a place that embraces differences, accepts people for who they are and promotes an inclusive environment where people have the chance to flourish and be the best they possibly can. A person’s gender, sexuality, race or religion should not have a bearing on their ability to enjoy a successful and rewarding career. 

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