IRIS Mission Statement

To support 

  • we will provide a support network for all LGBT staff at NewLaw
  • we will share information and improve the workplace
  • we will encourage colleagues to be themselves at work
  • we will offer support, advice and guidance to all colleagues interested in, or affected by, issues relevant to working with LGBT colleagues or clients         

To communicate 

  • we demonstrate to our clients and commercial partners that NewLaw solicitors is serious about equality and diversity 
  • we will use our visibility to network and build contacts within the LGBT community and with those commercial partners who are keen to promote equality and diversity within their organisations
  • we will drive the business forward by advising on a new (largely neglected and untapped) audience

To educate 

  • we will work with our internal departments to ensure that our policies, communications and training are inclusive 
  • we will support our employees with staff training relevant to working with LGBT colleagues and clients 
  • we will raise awareness of LGBT and general diversity issues and educate staff on sexual orientation 


  • to NewLaw – to promote diversity, encourage talent management, assist with recruitment and staff turnover, enhance communications and strengthen our reputation.
  • to employees – to create and maintain an open and tolerant workplace by offering peer support, promoting career progression and through learning and development. To provide visible role models and networking opportunities for LGBT staff and straight allies.
  • to clients and customers – to improve services, to support our clients specifically on these matters, and to ensure alignment with our commercial partners’ business values.

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