IRIS LGBT Forum Lunch 2017

NewLaw Solicitors' LGBT staff forum, 'IRIS', hosted a lunch for all staff to and meet members of the forum. 

NewLaw has had an LGBT staff forum for almost two years. It actively supports LGBT members of staff, welcomes straight allies, advises the firm's Human Resources team on inclusive policies and procedures, liaises with the firm's Equality and Diversity committee and has organised a number of successful events in conjunction with Stonewall and the Law Society.

The inclusive and diverse society we live in only exists because people have sought to change hearts and minds; to educate and inform their friends, family and colleagues about what it means to be LGBT; and to fight for their legal right to live their lives free from harassment and discrimination.

None of this has been easy. And there are no guarantees that these gains won’t be lost in the future. No one who values the open society we live in today, whatever their sexual or gender orientation should be complacent.

NewLaw is conscious of the fact that the culture of diversity which we enjoy at the firm needs to be protected and nurtured and the event today was part of that; allowing everyone from senior directors, to line managers and staff members to learn more about equality and diversity and how to ensure that everyone can feel valued and appreciated in the workplace no matter who they are.

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