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At NewLaw we encourage our people to get involved in community causes and we support our colleagues to participate in events outside of the business. Many of our team are committed to causes close to their hearts and spend their own time working and engaging with voluntary and charitable organisations.  Here are some of the messages from our colleagues:

James Pink, Trainee Solicitor, volunteers with Tenovus
"Supporting those who are suffering to aid their recovery gives me a great sense of achievement."

Lowri Morgan, Trainee Solicitor is a Tenovus Cancer Support Advisor
"It is a unique opportunity to provide comfort and support to individuals going through a difficult time. My aim is to let them know that people do care and they don’t need to go through this alone."    

Catherine Dally, Trainee Solicitor, volunteers with Tenovus 
"Listening to people and providing support during their recovery process changes their lives and makes a positive difference to them and their families. This is what makes volunteering worthwhile."

Chris Marie-Nimelae, Solicitor, works with Rookwood Spur
"Being able to contribute to the incredible work of Rookwood Spur, to support and rehabilitate those with a spinal cord injury, is a fantastic opportunity to try to make a difference to the lives of those affected."  

Emma-Louise Jones, Solicitor is a Tenovus Cancer Support Advisor
"I enjoy being part of the support network that Cancer Support Advisors at Tenovus provides to people who need help and guidance during difficult times."

Jodie Hubbard, Solicitor is a Tenovus Cancer Support Advisor
"As a Cancer Support Advisor with Tenovus, I get to give something back to the local community and really help support a cause close to my heart. As an advisor, I assist with welfare applications and provide practical and emotional support to patients and their families across Wales."

Karen Meggitt, Head of Employee Development, is a Tenovus Cancer Support Advisor
"I volunteer with Tenovus because it feels good to contribute something to a fantastic local charity and the numerous people who benefit from their work."

Laura Metcalfe, Solicitor is a Tenovus Cancer Support Advisor
"Being a volunteer enables me to give something back to the community." 

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